Nanjing Tianti provides you with optimized solutions in the design of intelligent metering systems for crude oil, refined oil, chemical products industry

  • Tianti is committed to design and manufacture metering systems in the oil and gas industry, providing users with the most professional, optimized and accurate metering integrated solutions. Utilizing over 10 years of experience, we can continuously meet all kinds of customers’ metering requirements. The intelligent metering module "F+" System proposed by Tianti, can control and analyze all factors affecting the metering uncertainty. “F+” system can provide the most optimized metering process control and data collection function.

  • Company Profile

    We focus on the metering testing and equipment manufacturing in energy, oil, gas, and environmental protection industries. Our products are wildly used in liquid oil and chemical products, low temperature liquefied gas, high pressure wellhead multiphase flow and other scenes. We devote to become the leader of integrated metering solutions.

  • HSEQ

    We provide world class services and products; provide metering software and hardware integrated solutions for domestic and foreign customers; provide advanced, professional and enthusiastic services for customers who trust Tianti. We create wealth and a bright future for the stakeholders of Tianti.